Electric motor operating principle

Electric motor uses the principle of electromagnetism to be able to do its main function. The main function of this engine is the conversion of electrical energy to mechanical energy. This conversion tape economically and efficiently so that the machine is one of the most suitable for various segments.

The price of electric motors has also undergone changes over the years, and not only its internal structure. The engine can be much that car than it was when it appeared. Moreover, it is not just an industrial segment that make connection of these motors, the commercial segment also needs this condition for numerous products.

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So you can find the best price to make the purchase of the electric motor that is important to research on different companies. By doing this you find one that has the best cost-benefit for the electricity you need. Themes in the model monophasic market and also the three-phase model.

Damage to the electric motor

Electric motor can present serious damage if it is not level or aligned the right way

The alignment can also be called leveling is extremely important for the electrical machine, because it must be accurately aligned with the machine to be driven mainly in cases where the coupling is direct.

If the machine has been aligned in the wrong way, the electric motor may suffer problems in their bearings, with possible vibrations and even shaft rupture.

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So that the electric machine is aligned or flush the right way and does not present serious problems in the electric motor, the ideal is to use dial indicator placed on each coupling half and pointed axially and the other radial, as well It may be possible to simultaneously check whether there is parallelism deviation and also eccentricity occurs when a full turn.

The displays used for mediation on the machine that has the electric motor can not show a number greater than 0.05mm. If the assembler count on enough experience you can get very conditions of alignment with a calibrated to draw the clearances and a steel ruler, but will need the gloves are centered and perfect.

Electric Motor Parts

Parts of electric motors can be found in numerous companies working with the sale of that product. The replacement of parts is increasingly common and can happen to anyone who is using this machine. Replace damaged parts is more economical than replacing the engine.

The values of the pieces are different, it depends a lot of what needs to be replaced. Before making a purchase, search for you to have knowledge of the prices offered by the companies. Do not forget that you have the option to purchase the physical stores and also by online stores.


Many companies that sell parts for electric motors are working with stocks, it greatly facilitates the consumer’s life that needs immediate use mine. If the part is very exclusive, you must wait for the request and the arrival in it, and the time for this to happen depends on what was requested by the company.

Mounting the electric motor

The electric motor of correct assembly requires important steps, here we will show in more detail each of them. The electric motor is a machine responsible for making the transformation of electrical energy to mechanical energy, due to this feature it can serve very different segments.

The process depends largely on the type of electric motor model, that because we have the single-phase motor and also the phase, so the assembly varies according to the one being used. The monophasic model is simple, while the phase is more complex. See what is the correct mount for your engine type and avoid problems.

The electric motor L1307A uses the principle of electromagnetism to be able to convert electrical energy to mechanical energy. The different types and engine models on the market allow them to meet very different segments. The first to use the engine was the industrial segment, but today it reach other areas.